Happy New Cheese Day!

Some people won't eat cheese, period. And some believe all cheese entails is unwrapping a processed slice from its sheltered cellophane world. It's not exposed to air, therefore it can't breathe and become the cheese it was meant to be. Hear that, string cheese, American singles and anything else individually wrapped in plastic? You're not welcome in our lunch today!

Imagine the cheese that normally goes on something, then switch it up. Preferably to something you haven't had before or something you think you don't like. For example: cream cheese on your bagel becomes goat cheese. They're similar in look and texture, but goat cheese has a full tangy richness that cream cheese lacks. Cheese upgrade.

Usually have Swiss on your turkey sandwich? Try Jarlsburg. It has that sharp, nutty flavor you want, but with a bouncier texture and brighter palate. Some people don't like the rind on soft cheeses (yeah, crazy people) and therefore have never tried melted brie on a hot sandwich. It's like a difference cheese altogether, with none of the bitter moldenfunk that us regular people dig so vehemently we just made up a word for it.

Does your normal taco salad involve "shredded Mexican blend?" Try queso fresco. It's crumbly and slightly acidic, like a mild feta or ricotta salata, so it stands up to the meat's richness without just blending in. And speaking of ricotta salata, you've just found your new cheese for sprinkling on top of pasta. With all due respect to Parmeggiano, of course.

If you want to dive in head-first, we commend you. Here are 5 French cheeses to try right now.

How do you spice up your cheese life? Let us know in the comments below.