Food Republic's Week In Review

Last week on Food Republic, we talked elk cooking in the tundra, the difference between old and new cookbooks, the pizza battle of the sexes, and tailgate showdowns involving cheesesteaks.

Joshua Slaughter, aka The Father of Haute-Alaskan Cooking, shared his passion for making exquisite meals waaay off the grid.

Southern Hospitality earned Burger of the Week honors with its nod to Elvis Presley and its King Burger, complete with a secret cheese!

The lovely French gals behind Le Fooding's NYC events explained why the only man worth a sou is a man who cooks.

Our penny-pinching columnist The Unemployed Gourmand tackled the age-old question about how to split the check at a dinner with friends when you're kinda broke, plus other nuances of Frugal Vs. Cheap Eating.

A pizza to unify the sexes? We found it!

On a more serious note, the famine crisis in Ethiopia and Somalia is growing more dire. As an update, we came up with 8 shocking Horn of Africa statistics, as well as some ways to help.

The Alimentary Canal's columnists Zakary Palaccio and Jori Jayne Emde used the moving process as an excuse to scan old cookbooks, resulting in A Brief History of Cookbooks.

For NFL's week 2, writer Jeff Feuerstein assessed the match-ups both for the football and the tailgating, and decided that the game of the week would be a battle of the birds: the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Atlanta Falcons. Or put in culinary terms, cheese steaks vs. grilled peaches. Check out this week's Tailgate Toe-To-Toe.

And you want recipes? How about tomatillo and chile wings in corn husks?