Word Of The Day: Abligurition

Today's word of the day is a fancy one. It has even been categorized as "obsolete" by the Oxford English Dictionary, making it all the more intriguing. Abligurition simply means spending lavish amounts of money on fine foods. It comes from the latin verb abligurire, "ab" meaning "away" and "ligurire" meaning "to be fond of delicacies." Who needs clothes or gadgets when there's abligurition to keep us spending on foie gras, oysters and gourmet chocolate?

Who would use such a word as abligurition? Dandies, of course, and lovers of obsolete words. How might you incorporate this word into your daily conversation? Next time you feel like blowing your paycheck on fine dining, tell your friends you're in the mood for abligurition and see what happens.

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