Spinach Salad Has Bacon, FYI

While we recognize that the salad pictured does indeed have a hefty portion of bacon slapped on, we would like to make the point that there's also a lot of spinach involved.

Large portions of bacon to me are the equivalent of adding a thick layer of mayo on your sandwich. And justifiably so — it's delicious. So if the rest of the salad is reasonably, nay, pretty healthy, packing cherry tomatoes, red onions, sauteed mushrooms or maybe some sliced strawberries (mmm, bacon and strawberries), lots of pig belly seems okay. But I'm not a doctor. Unless you can get a doctorate in making bacon.

Additionally, this is not a a salad with any kind of stigma. It's not a salad for health nuts or any manner of vegetarian because it's loaded with bacon. Raspberry vinaigrette doesn't sound so fancy when it's drizzled over the good stuff. Sunflower seeds move beyond "those things from trail mix."

So the next time you're craving large volumes of bacon like we're not-so-inexplicably craving today, find or fix yourself a salad like this and chow down on a few servings of veggies in style. I mean, it's Fashion Week.