Word Of The Day: Dulse

So you're watching TV, munching on some dulse when...

Well, maybe you've never munched on dulse, but that doesn't mean others haven't, and there may yet be some dulse in your munching future. Dulse is a kind of snack food in some parts of the world, namely Iceland, Ireland, Canada and even in the northeastern United States. In place of potato chips or cheese doodles, dulse-sters are snacking on a kind of dried seaweed flake, technically red algae. The leaves are actually purple with a thick, leathery texture, but when dried they become crispy (a texture of utmost importance to any good snack food).

Gathered by hand when the tide is out, this byproduct of the ocean is a healthfood that is high in protein, minerals and vitamins. However, it can be treated like any chip, meaning it can be smothered in cheese and salsa. Dulse can also be used as a cooking ingredient and added to soups, sandwiches, salads or meat dishes.

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