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The next beer trend could be avocado.

You may have noticed we’re kind of into stuffing stuff lately. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. You just have to get creative after a while. Prepping an avocado for guac this weekend, I realized (as many have before me) that the bowl-shaped half seems exactly right for holding something other than avocado flesh. Could I stuff this extraordinary blank canvas? I could, and did. I filled it with tuna salad mixed with chunks of the avocado I scooped out, but here are some more creative ideas that will turn that ripe-already-now-eat-it avocado into a dish in itself. Literally.

Any of these recipes will feel perfectly at home in a partially hollowed-out avocado. I love that you get a bite of freshly scooped avocado in each bite, and that the above dishes are all enhanced by a bit of the buttery green stuff we love (to stuff) so much.