Welcome To Wing Season!

Quick, what's the first food that comes to mind when we say football? Well, the title of this chicken wings intro may have given it away. And if it didn't, the previous sentence probably did. Either way, this momentous occasion deserves some serious consideration when it comes to cooking. We'll be bringing you a different recipe for these crunchy, meaty, totally addictive snacks for at least the next week (probably longer) as we source the best wings from around the country.

Like booze? There's a wing for that. Like 'em extra crunchy? We've got you covered. Have you been searching for wings that are either coated in another delicious meat or stuffed with another delicious meat? You've come to the right place. Prepare to have your every wing fantasy acted out right in your own kitchen. I know, we're excited too.

We'll kick off the week with something easy, like our Gin and Lemon Wings, whose inventor loves them because they're fast enough to whip up during a commercial break. And is there any better reason than that?

We're taking your requests! What kind of wings do you want to see on Food Republic? Let us know in the comments below.