Photo Gallery: The Food At Electric Zoo

I was asked several times before I left the office on Friday if I was looking forward more to the music or the food at Electric Zoo, a 3-day electronic music festival on NYC's Randall's Island. Hopefully my blank stare (and ridiculous fluorescent getup) was enough to convey to my co-workers that it was precisely a 50/50 split, and impossible to define. Talking shop with a few of my favorite artists of all time backstage — Moby, Chromeo and Sebastian to name-drop a few — it became more obvious than ever that choosing between good eats and good beats is something I may never be able to do. And I'm okay with that. Stay tuned to find out what happens when globe-trotting electronic musicians get hungry, and in the meantime, check out a few scenes from feeding time. For obvious reasons, do not stick your fingers into the cage.

Photos by Gabi Porter