10 Semi-Ridiculous Tailgating Products

Anyone who's ever grilled a brat on a beat-up old hibachi in the parking lot of their favorite NFL team knows the humiliation of having a guy in a team-color-painted truck roll up and set out a full grilling station complete with keg, table, the whole deal. This season, it can be different. You can stock up on gear that showcases your loyalty, and while you're at it, make your own ketchup or mayo to show your tailgating neighbors who's the condiment boss!

Seriously though, break out a Jets wine bag, flip burgers in Packers chef's whites or use any of these 10 Semi-Ridiculous Tailgating Products and you are guaranteed to get some grunts of approval from fellow fans. Or you'll get beat up. In which case, Food Republic is not responsible for what happens if you store your chips and dip in an Eagles helmet. We do think it's awesome though.

Oh yeah, and if you don't see your team's gear featured here, don't worry: Most of these items are available with your favorite team's logo on it.