All You Can Eat Week On NPR

If you've ever listened to NPR, specifically Fresh Air, you know that Terry Gross' soothing voice draws you to the radio like a moth to a flame. This week we have even more reason to switch on the radio (or NPR online player) since Fresh Air has decided to devote the entire week's programming to interviews about food, dubbing it the "All You Can Eat Week." Among the failed names suggested for the week were, "Fresh Air-Sparagus," "Fresh Fare," and "Crème Fresh Air." Evidently, NPR was not looking for puns.

The "All You Can Eat Week" kicked off Sunday with an interview with Chef Grant Achatz — who lost his taste as a result of cancer treatments — while yesterday (Tuesday), interviews focused on the future of bananas (it's perilous) and the possibility of developing test-tube meat (don't listen to this one while eating). Available online at 5 pm tonight will be an interview with food writer Ruth Reichl on her time going undercover as The New York Times' restaurant critic, as well as an interview with Russ Parsons, who will answer weird food questions (sorta like Food Republic's own Food Scientist Jared Levan). Among other programming to come will be an archival interview with Julia Child.

Terry Gross and food interviews — we're sold.