Willie Nelson Sings For Chipotle's Pigs

Willie Nelson sings Coldplay over an animated stop-action short about pigs which ends in a fast-food run. No, we're not piecing together hazy scraps of last Friday night (um, Coldplay?) But we did just watch this video from Chipotle, and it more or less conveys an important message we're glad that Shotgun Willie, a dedicated fair-farming advocate, put his voice behind.

The short illustrates the animal farming industry's transformation from honest family business to commercialized meat factory, specifically, the plight of the farmer. In the end (spoiler alert!) the farmer realizes he has the power to "go back to the start" (any high school/primetime hospital or crime drama montages running through your head yet?).

That's right, farmers don't have to watch helplessly as their pigs get crammed into cubes, which we're assuming means pulverized into SPAM. They can raise and sell their porcine wares to Chipotle, who will in turn supply you a burrito that'll make you squeal for joy.

And as one commenter predictably yet aptly noted, "...wait, it doesn't involve marijuana?" Somehow, no, it does not.

[Via Mashable]