10 Classic Italian Food Movie Scenes

Italy – home of the Cosa Nostra, the Vatican and now, Snooki. Despite anyone's take on violence, religion or hatred for anything New Jersey, we can all agree that Italian food has a place in almost everyone's heart. The addition of cheese, tomato sauce (or gravy) and pasta equates to a more-than-acceptable outcome every time. Whether it's the sense memory that takes over at first sight of a beloved dish or the vibrant reds and yellows popping off screen — the world of cinema has taken advantage of the world's soft spot for the likes of spaghetti and meatballs. And thus, the countdown is born.


  1. Movies. Not TV.
  2. Cannot be a scene which I've used in a previous countdown (Goodfellas prison scene, Defending Your Life fake restaurant, Lady and the Tramp etc.)

  3. Pizza counts. Even without any supporting players, pizza is Italian food for the basis of this countdown.