Lifeboat Special: Fried Fish Sandwich

By now, you've probably heard that areas of New York slated for certain destruction escaped unharmed from Hurricane Irene's brief visit. We always say you have to stay at least a week to get a feel for the city...but no matter.

Normally, I'd suggest creating something out of the amalgamation of canned and dry goods you hoarded, but that doesn't exactly resound with triumph. We're going to pretend the storm raged on and birthed a hefty tornado, which lifted the fish from a nearby body of water fresh enough to eat the fish out of, and deposited them on our doorstep.

Next in this fantasy we created while deep in the throes of a cabin fever only a total lack of public transportation could spawn, we used an emergency hunting knife-slash-AM radio to filet said fish, and then powered up the generator to get our FryDaddy sizzling. Finally, haggard from our stalwart survival efforts, we feasted. Oh, we had rolls and tartar sauce. From before.

Of course if you want a concise path to an actual fried fish sandwich free from the dry wit and run-on sentences of disenchanted New Yorkers, look no further than our Catfish Po Boy, straight from Food Republic's test kitchen (which also survived).