Pizza, à La Grandma

You may not have encountered Grandma-style pizza in your travels, which is why it's what's for lunch. This is no ordinary pie. Right off the bat, it's square. We know what you're thinking: "Awh, that's not special, that's just Sicilian." Hang on, though. It's thin-crust. Mull that over. Oh, and the cheese comes first. What? Did Grandma leave her "seeing glasses" upstairs again? Or is your family not as Italian as you thought? Or maybe, just maybe, it's opposite day.

Nope. It's a Grandma slice. Homemade slow-simmered fresh tomato sauce ON TOP OF mozzarella, spread over a thin crust and baked in a rectangular tray. It lacks the doughy chewiness of thicker-crusted triangular slices, but more than makes up for it with an abundance of those slightly blistered crispy spots you hope for on the undersides of more traditional pizzas.

Also known as the Grandpa slice (which we're fine with; either grandparent making pizza sounds right up our alley), this lesser-known style of pizza-making yields sweet, tangy squares you'll need at least two of. But you'll probably want more.