Certé's Montauk Hangover

Certé in Manhattan has a tried and true way to keep things extra-fresh – every month their menu includes new seasonally-inspired sandwiches. This month's sandwich is a real doozy. They call it the "Montauk Hangover." Let your imagination run over that for a minute and see what you conjure up.

This creation gives the concept of surf and turf new meaning. The Montauk Hangover is a glorified egg sandwich with extra glory. Fry a duck egg (product of both land and water). Pair this with pancetta (land), a spicy lobster sauce (water), creamed corn, crispy leeks and a potato roll, and you've got all your favorite flavors of summer to memorialize your wild beach getaway weekend (and fix any lingering after-effects). This is a decadently messy sandwich. You may end up with egg yolk and creamed corn all over your face, but it's certainly the best hangover you'll ever have.

This sandwich is perfect for August since "august" also happens to mean "impressive and respected." Yes, this is a very august sandwich indeed. Unfortunately, September is just a week away and its arrival marks the beginning of the end of summer, those beautiful beach party nights, and The Montauk Hangover as well. Make sure to take advantage of this golden week and get your last taste of summer if you're in NYC, or try to make your own hangover-fix at home.

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