Word Of The Day: Jeroboam

The Jeroboam, otherwise known as the "Double Magnum" is a large bottle of wine. How large? Four to six bottles large, depending where in France you happen to be. That's nothing compared to some of the bigger ones, like the Nebuchadnezzar, which holds 20 standard bottles or the hulking Melchizedek, packing 40.

Where did this behemoth get its name? Well in Biblical times, folks got tanked on a fairly regular basis. That's our story. The actual tale remains unknown, but the bottle's moniker is taken from an ancient king of Israel known as Jeroboam. You know, the one who succeeded King Solomon following the revolt against Rehoboam? Established the great city of Shechem? Did nobody play Trivial Pursuit: Bible Edition that time they got stuck at the cabin on the lake and realized Boggle was missing two dice?

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