Electronic Wine Openers

In this day and age, there's really no reason for hard labor around the house. There are robots or electrical devices for just about everything. From Roomba vacuums to hi-speed dishwashers, the house practically runs itself. So why are you still opening your own wine bottles? There's no need to run the risk of wrist injury trying to remove a cork the old-fashioned way. So rest your tired muscles, put away that barbaric corkscrew and let technology make it all better.

Best for pricey bottles

If the thought of buying an expensive bottle of wine makes you warm and fuzzy inside, then the Elis Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew may be right up your alley. Scanning in at $124.99, this stainless steel, polycarbonate Peugeot-brand appliance is — you guessed it — rechargeable, and includes a replaceable screw to keep things sharp for even the stiffest synthetic cork (so it works on cheap bottles, too). It also comes with its own storage box, and matches the Peugeot salt and pepper mills for seasoning your fancy appetizers.

Elis Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew, $124.99; lnt.com

Best for older vintages

If older wine is your fancy, try the Trademark Global Automatic Wine Corkscrew Opener. Only $24, this bargain deal boasts a 1950s retro exterior that's era-appropriate when it's time to pop the cork on that 1959 Bordeaux you just happened to have in the cellar.

Trademark Global Automatic Wine Corkscrew Opener, $24.99; orangeonions.com

Best for cheap-o bottles

Everything has its price, and sometimes that price is just too much for what it is. So ask yourself, how much will you pay to open your wine bottles in style? If the answer is not very much, then the DENI Rechargeable Wine Opener is great, priced just under 13 bucks. One charge on this baby will pop 20 corks without skipping a beat.

DENI Rechargeable Wine Opener, $12.99; homevillage.com

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