Pies & Pints' Grape Pizza

The great thing about pizza is that you can put anything on it. Sometimes this leads to mistakes (once an M&M pizza was served in my college's dining hall). But it can also lead to amazing combinations that practically redefine what a pizza can be.

What do you think of fruit on top? Pineapple is a successful pizza embellishment, but what about grapes? I've heard of grape pie, a specialty of Naples, New York, but that's dessert — pie crust with grape filling. Although that is unusual, the grape pizza pie served at Pies & Pints in West Virginia takes the cake. Er, pie.

Pies & Pints brings sweet red grapes to savory heights by cutting them in half and scattering them generously over a thin-crust pizza with gorgonzola and rosemary. It's light and sophisticated, and perfect for summer. Savor this pizza with a beer at either Pies & Pints locations in Fayetteville or Charleston, West Virginia, or make your own version at home.

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