Green Energy, Powdered And Juiced

A lot of the time, even I don't get a chance to get my greens in. When I'm running around or eating on the go, sometimes the best I can do in terms of greens is lettuce in a falafel sandwich. When this happens, I can always tell the difference in my body. The high content of magnesium, iron, and calcium in green leafies is more than just jargon the doctor says, so take note. I will say that I may notice this because I am not one to drink coffee and take pills to augment how I feel, so I am pretty in tune with the changes in my body—i.e. energy levels, skin pigment, the reduced amount of oxygen moving across my plasma membrane of my prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells... It's a vegan thing.

Anyways, when I am on the fast track, I find a good leafy substitute in blue green algae, and other greens on the go. Some may work better than others, and some definitely have a better flavor. Here are my top three.


This is actually a blue green algae cultivated in the US, China, Chile and few other places. It boasts an average 60% protein content and contains all essential amino acids. It's best in pressed pill form, or powder form when added to (nut) milk based smoothies. Just make sure the smoothie is sweet so that you can counter the, well, algae-ish taste.


Chlorella has such a high protein, fat and carb content that it was once thought to have the ability to help end world hunger. But, as with most miracle foods, it has cultivation issues. Be sure to look for cracked cell chlorella, as it is a single-celled organism that is hard to digest in its whole form. Also good in (nut) milk-based smoothies and available in pill form.


While not an algae, this vegan staple has a nice lil' rep—think the super crunchy stereotype, "what are we just gonna drink wheatgrass and do yoga?" It's a sweet, powerful derivative of the wheat plant and has great detoxification properties, as well as a nice energy kick because of its high protein count. It's also high in vitamin E, which helps give you great-looking skin. It's best taken in fresh shots at your local juice bar/yoga center on an empty stomach with a slice of orange to kill the taste.

How do you get your green leafies in? Share your tips in the comments below.

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