Happy Fried Egg!

Friday morning is traditionally such a joyous occasion that there can only be one possible damper: Latent effects of last night's joyous occasion. For that, there is the fried egg. While perhaps best honored as the star of the full English breakfast (Scottish and Irish too), fried eggs take on an admirable supporting role as well.

They're right at home settled on a salad, plate of pasta, slice of pizza, pile of veggies, excellent burger (this one actually features a fried egg), juicy steak or tucked into a sandwich of any variety (except maybe PB&J). Here are a few dishes we think would make great lunches, enhanced by a happy little fried egg on top.

You could, of course, crown any of these beauties with a poached egg (provided you know how to poach one, that is), but then it wouldn't be Fried Egg. And yes, that would be a "late-to-the-party" Rebecca Black reference.