10 Places To Eat In Portland, ME

Inevitably when I spot a headline about eating in Portland I click on the link, eager to see which of my favorite restaurants made the cut, only to find that the article is not about Portland, Maine, but rather Portland, Oregon. I'm sure the Oregon Portland is terrific (I've never been), but in my book, nothing beats the food scene in New England's Portland. Let the rivalry begin.

For those of you who haven't been, the restaurants in Portland can be lumped into three general categories:

  1. High-end, locavore-focused establishments
  2. Sustainable-minded places with an abundance of vegetarian/vegan options
  3. Tourist traps

Below are 10 of my Portland picks — but don't let this limit you; there are many more restaurants you should get to in Portland, and while you're there, go ahead and sneak in a lobster roll or two; while following this list will make it seem like you're a local, sometimes it's okay to be a tourist.