Gallery: 10 Movie Breakfast Scenes

Ironically, The Breakfast Club has no further mention in this piece. In fact, why is that even the title of the quintessential Brat Pack film? The only meal they ingest is a rather eclectic array of brown-bagged lunches. Is it because the 5 detention-bound students were cuckoo? For Cocoa Puffs? Feel free to fill in the blanks here — I guess I'm not quite the "brain" Anthony Michael Hall claimed to be at the end of the picture. Regardless, if Judd Nelson wants to dub that band of misfits "The Breakfast Club," so be it. He was harsh.


  1. Movie. No TV shows.
  2. It's more important that the idea of breakfast is the spirit of the scene rather than the basic mechanics of chewing and swallowing pancakes and waffles.
  3. Just have fun with it, kids.