Happy International IPA Day!

There are plenty of holidays we at Food Republic hold in high esteem. Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl are two of them. Father's Day is pretty important, which those of us with kids can attest to. Yesterday's National Ice Cream Sandwich Day was pretty epic too – utterly lost in devotion, we made mid and late-afternoon runs to the Coolhaus Truck. But today is different. Today makes Halloween look like a holiday for kids. (What do you mean, "it is?")

Today is International IPA Day. That's right, a whole day devoted to consuming and cooking with this incredibly crisp and refreshing beer. From what we know about largely-made-up food holidays, something has to be really beloved to earn a spot on the calendar all for itself. We trusted in humanity's love for this bitter nectar before this most hallowed day, but on this, the 4th of August, we say as one beer-drinking nation, "I'll have an IPA."

Raise a glass of one of the greatest brews man has ever created, brush up on your beer facts and discover the sheer goodness behind the celebration.

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