Gallery: 20 Tasty Jams Part II

The thrilling conclusion. I'm sure some readers out there are up in arms that numbers 20-11 from part I of this countdown could be seen as obscure picks. Frankly, songs about food that happen to rock are few and far between. However, I believe that once the top 10 is revealed within a few mere clicks of your mouse — or smart phone device — we will all join hands and sing in perfect harmony. Metaphorically, of course.

Refreshing you on the criteria:

  1. No jingles, no commercials. Songs about food — and don't just be a one-liner describing a girl's "cold coffee eyes" (respect, Paul Simon).
  2. Be a good song. If this was a mix tape...or to the younger readers a "Playlist"...would you be skipping through the tracks or would you listen to the tunes in their entirety?
  3. No Jimmy Buffett. I refuse. I don't like him, never will. I'm baffled how he's not simply a guy singing at a pool in Aruba during Happy Hour. He's cheesier than his song about cheeseburgers...however the song certainly contributes to his cheesiness.