My Big Fat Greek Lamb Burger

It's not Monday, so there's no reason to wallow over weekend leftovers as you're dragged one day closer to Saturday. It's not Wednesday, so that whole "hump day" thing that makes you feel one day closer to Saturday for some reason doesn't work either. It's Tuesday. Break up that beginning-of-the-week rut with something different. In other words, it's lamb burger time.

We hope you know by now that we take burgers very seriously. Our burger of the week column chronicles some of the nation's best and beefiest; however, when switching it up, one must take all meat into consideration. Turkey burger Tuesday seems logical by the properties of alliteration, but turkey burgers also tend to be dry and boring (by the properties of we said so). Enter lamb. That meaty, juicy and oh-so-tasty protein so frequently overlooked in burger conceptualization. Greek cuisine has basically commandeered lamb's complementary flavors — oregano, mint, cinnamon, cumin — so we're on board to tailor our burger accordingly and eschew American cheese (temporarily) for feta. Should you find a lamb burger on a menu, order it immediately, but making one yourself is about as easy as making a regular burger.

Add ground cumin, salt, pepper, chopped fresh mint and dried oregano to ground lamb. Grill. Top with a thick slice of feta, a smear of pesto, lettuce and tomato and serve in the bun of your choice. If that's too easy, the added step of naming it after your favorite Greek philosopher should keep you busy til Saturday (or at least dinner).