Food Network Star's Sexy Tattoo

Susie Jimenez is, by some estimations, the hottest woman to ever appear on the TV show Food Network Star. Now there's more to see. An electric blue dress she wore to an event at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival this past weekend revealed some surprising sections of the flesh of this season's spiciest contestant.

Yes, Susie has angel wings on her shoulderblades, but focus lower, two cutaway sections of the dress below the wings, and there is a text passage permanently inscribed on her skin in Hindi. The English translation, according to her: "In all things, we are all the victims of the misconceptions from afar."

Susie, 31, explained that she got the tattoo a few years ago after she dropped her husband off at the dentist (yes, there's a husband. He hunts game in the Rocky Mountains using a bow and arrow, so watch yourselves). He was pretty surprised when she picked him up after the drilling.

She said she has no idea where the phrase came from when it popped into her head. But, she added, "I think it's the sexiest thing ever."

Lads, do you agree? Comment below please. Has there been a sexier "Food Network Star" competitor?