10 Of Our Favorite Food Documentaries

The notion that documentary film is the spinach of the movie industry — it's good for you but not enjoyable — may be both unfair and untrue, but it's worth throwing out there as an entrée to our look at the 10 best documentaries about food. And, by the way, these are great non-fiction films, mind you, not that reality TV food schlock you can catch on every channel under the sun these days.

We post this in honor of tonight's premiere of the documentary, El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, which highlights Ferran Adrià's "most influential restaurant in the world," as dubbed by The New York Times. The father of molecular gastronomy and his restaurant El Bulli, which is shutting down this month, will be featured for two weeks at New York City's Film Forum, starting today, July 27.

We recommend you see it, and then adding a portion of the following to your Netflix queue.