The Best Of The Imbiber

Few men care about their booze as much as Dan Dunn, whose column The Imbiber runs every Tuesday on Food Republic. And few men who care about booze as much as Dan also care about stirring things up, calling 'em like he sees 'em and just generally raking up the muck where he sees fit. Should those fellas (and ladies) behind the bar be called bartenders or mixologists? Should legal moonshine be considered a contradiction in terms, and should it even exist? What the hell is grappa and should anyone be drinking it?

Dan's not afraid to tackle the important questions of the day. But he's not above helping a guy learn to drink smarter. We could all learn something from his Straight Shot on Rum. And it's kind of nice when he finds a limoncello to love. Still, it's pretty funny when ol' Dan gets riled up and takes on his own particular devils, whether it's the woman behind SkinnyGirl margaritas, the counter-based clerks who panhandle for tips, or, most memorably, the French.

We hope Dan has a relaxing week off, and we look forward to reading what he's got brewing next Tuesday on Food Republic.