Brooklyn Faces Meatopia

Have you ever seen a man cut up an 850 lb steer? Do you wish that man could be you? Prepare to be envious (and oddly hungry), as you watch Pat LaFrieda, godfather of New York butchery, prep a monster of a steer in the video he shared with Food Republic below. And it gets even better: If you are in NYC, you could have the good fortune to watch the steer in the video be cut up this weekend at Meatopia — a meat lover's dream come true.

What is Meatopia you ask, salivating at the mere mention of the name? It started a few years back as a beefy birthday bash for meat-lovin' food scribe and personality Josh Ozersky, but now it's the culmination of Whole Foods–sponsored butchery competitions around the country. It all comes to a head (of cattle, or of pig... er, you get the idea) this Saturday night on the waterfront in Brooklyn, when top chefs, cleaver-wielding butchers and hungry carnivores collide to feast on meats of all kind (and lots of beer from Amstel Light). We advise you to leave your vegetarian friends at home.

Among the animal-centric options at this year's Meatopia will be April Bloomfield's whole mulefoot hog, Aaron Sanchez's whole goat Monterrey-style, and Michael White's spit-roasted Hampshire porchetta. And those are just three of the 45 chefs who will be preparing your meaty treats. Others include the raved-about meat freaks from Animal in LA, Jon Shook and Vinnie Dotolo; Portland's pig connoisseur Naomi Pomeroy of Beast; and Food Republic pal Bobby Hellen of Resto, to name just a few! Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY. Saturday, July 23 from 5:30 to 9:30. Tickets at

And now, Pat LaFrieda and his team prep an 850 lb steer for Meatopia: