Clam juice

02.  “Khlav Kalash!”

Food Trucks might seem to be all the rage nowadays in New York City, but the idea was foreign to a lower-middle-class gentleman from Springfield, USA. If this episode teaches us one thing, it’s don’t assign your most alcoholic friend the responsibility of designated driver. Barney isn’t up to the task and the reverse–peer pressure pushes him over the edge and all the way to the city that never sleeps… in Homer’s car. When Homer visits the Big Apple to retrieve his automobile, his booted car serves as a prison cell — keeping him away from the slice of pizza he truly desires. It also forces him to stomach gruel in the form of what we have to assume is some kind of Halal cuisine. I don’t know what Khlav Kalash is, but the out-of-towner licks his stick clean and washes it down…ew…not with Mountain Dew, but the more satisfactory clam juice.