Gallery: 10 Classic Simpsons Food Scenes

Through 22 seasons of D'oh!'s, Okely Dokely's and Hi Everbody!'s, Matt Groening has taken the audience on an odyssey through suburban America chiefly led by our captain, Homer Simpson. When you've achieved the feat of being the longest running cartoon series of all time, there is no doubt that your show will rack up a ton of memorable moments and a few unforgettable food-related scenes in turn. Television's yellow-est family takes center stage as the focus of this week's Food Republic Countdown.


  1. Food is at least visible in 8 of the 10 scenes (leaving you all reason to believe that 2 times I finagle the rule)
  2. No Kwik-E-Mart. No Krusty Burger. While both joints are truly important to the show, there really hasn't been a scene at either that fits the spirit of the top 10.
  3. This is more for the readers — remember that once upon a time The Simpsons was a great show, and let's compare the last few seasons to the last few albums that Prince has released. There was a time when they both produced incredible original material.

NOTE: Lawyers at the Fox Network, prior to being tied up by Rupert Murdoch's recent situation, have made it their life's mission to ban almost every Simpsons clip in English from the internet. When available, they're linked — otherwise, use this as an opportunity to brush up on your foreign language skills. D'oh!