Give Us A Quiche

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There's nothing like a hearty egg dish to get you back on track in the gristly aftermath of Bastille Day. We're sure they felt the same way in 1789. In honor of this gueule de bois (we'd make that our word of the day but we don't want to hear any French drinking terms for a while), we present you with a truly excellent lunch: Quiche. No, not kwichy. Keesh. And contrary to popular opinion, real men do eat it.

Never tried it? Think of quiche like an omelet pie. You've got a bunch of eggs' best pals in there: cheese, bacon, broccoli, ham, ...bacon, cheese... maybe some caramelized onions, asparagus or mushrooms — and the toast is built right in. If you're still not convinced, quiche Lorraine is a good place to start. It features generous helpings of heavy cream, bacon and cheese. So the fact that it's typically accompanied by a salad of "lightly dressed mixed baby greens" shouldn't deter you in the least. OK, we'll say it one last time this week: Bon appétit.