You Can Win Friends With Salad!

Regular visitors to may have been shocked this week. Or at least thought, "what the hell is with all these damn salads?!" Good question. Besides giving us an excuse to use what is our favorite Simpsons food clip (wait for it...), we ran a bunch of salad recipes because, hey, sometimes you want a good salad. We ran some healthy salads (brown rice salad), some completely unhealthy salads (a Southern Panzanella salad made with corn fritters and chicken skin). We made a salad for the seafood lover in you (Simple Shrimp Salad) and hit up the awesome chef Anita Lo for a fancy-schmancy salad (Frisée salad with duck livers). We also threw in a salad that you can make on the grill (simple grilled radicchio — shout-out to the dude that re-tweeted this recipe with a radicchio icon for his twitter page!).

What you do with these salad recipes is up to you. Lose weight, go on a diet, serve one with a baguette and a side of fries, whatever. But seriously, try a salad. Tell us what you think in the comments, and if you're not completely satisfied, we'll buy you a burger (or at least send you to our burger recipes, and no, we're not linking here — try the damn salads first). Then you can go back to agreeing with Homer.