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Jucy Lucy
Photo: Adam Kuban on Flickr

Our lady friends over at YumSugar had one of the more clever patriotic bursts during the Fourth of July hoopla. They hit the road to explore 10 regional must-eats, including a few we’ve slobbered over here at Food Republic, including these three. Read ’em, then either succumb to hunger or head over to YumSugar for more regional food fun. 

1. Minnesota: Jucy Lucy

Minnesota takes the cheese off the top of your burger and places it in the middle of your beef for extra-gooey cheeseburger satisfaction. 

2. New Orleans: Beignets 

These sugar-coated fried dough puffs are everything you could want in a regional food discovery. Stop by Cafe du Monde in New Orleans to pair your beignets with a cafe au lait. 

3. Philadelphia: Cheesesteak 

You may think you’ve had a cheesesteak, but unless you’ve had your thinly slicked steak covered with Cheez Whiz that’s nestled in a locally baked Amoroso or Vilotti-Pisanelli roll you haven’t had the real thing.