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organic vegetables
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Now that the grill has cooled off and Kobayashi has successfully set the world record in hot dog eating, we’re ready to not look at another burger in the face until… well, Wednesday, when we show off a Burger of the Week that will fan your carnivorous flames like none other. But we digress. We showed off by eating tons of tube steaks just like the big guys (it seemed like a good idea at the time), grilled up our new go-to burgers by the dozen and tried our best to fit bacon into every possible gap. Now we stand before you, craving vegetables. Meat sweats are very real, folks, and the ladies don’t care for them.

Don’t hang up your incisors, strap on your Birkenstocks and head to the CSA with a burlap sack just yet. Today we’re going veggie for two legitimate reasons. One, we’ve clearly been eating meat all weekend and need to give those indigested hunks of bratwurst a chance to work it out and two, Meatless Monday got pushed up a day this week. Today is “Too-full Tuesday.” Never heard of Meatless Monday? It’s a health initiative aimed at reducing our meat intake by 15% for the good of humanity. It’s as easy as that. Leave the bacon off your bacon, egg and cheese and help save the world. Worth a shot, right? Take your pick of one (or several) of our bro-endorsed vegetarian offerings today, put away the Birkenstocks and grab that cape you’ve been stashing in the back of the closet. You’re meat-reducing world-saver guy today.