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Indian kati rolls
Photo: Josiah Lau Photography on Flickr

The Kati Roll Company popularized this traditional Indian street food in New York, but even if you live outside a trendy masala metropolis, our bet is that most Indian places will roll you one if you ask nicely. What is a kati roll exactly? Spiced meats and vegetables of varying levels of heat wrapped in Indian flatbread, like naan or chapati. Some of our favorite things making appearances: Chicken tikka, crisp, tasty paneer (a firm, mild cheese similar to mozzarella), spicy mashed potatoes, tender cauliflower and tomato-spiked curried chickpeas. Just name a favorite Indian dish and your perfect kati roll is born. Don’t have a favorite Indian dish? Try our super-easy tandoori lamb chops and watch your fledgling love of sub-continental cuisine blossom.

Portable and relatively cheap, kati rolls are a welcome respite from the predictability of deli wraps (oh look, it’s leaking mustard) and has won a special place on the long list of what we crave for lunch.