Gallery: Watermelons In Art

Yes, it's Fourth of July weekend, which means that at some point, you will be eating watermelon. The sugary, watery bite of a juicy watermelon is a thing of beauty in itself, but it's the vibrant colors of the melon that has made it a favorite of still-life painters throughout the centuries. Everyone from Gaugin to Frida Kahlo has rocked the watermelon painting, and with good reason: the subtle fade of white to green in the rind; the explosive red of the fruit flecked with jet-black pits. It looks almost as cool as it tastes. It's inspired and inspiring. And it's delicious (even when it's not just a conduit for chilled vodka). Now, on Food Republic, we celebrate the melon of the moment, the fruit de résistance, the almighty watermelon!