5 Classic New Orleans Restaurants

Don't know your way around New Orleans' storied culinary scene? Our friends over at Uptown Magazine picked out a dozen choice favorites, including these five:

  1. Dooky Chase

Leah Chase, known as the "Queen of Creole Cuisine," has been operating Dooky Chase since the 1960s and has established it as a staple of New Orleans' restaurant scene. Make sure to order the "Holy Thursday gumbo z'herbes."

  • Palace Café
  • This traditional New Orleans café serves up classics like gumbo and barbecued shrimp and is housed in a historic building on Canal Street.

  • Oliver's
  • Family-owned Oliver's offers Creole dishes that have been perfected over five generations, like Grandma Jeanne's shrimp creole or Mama Cheryl's crawfish étouffée.

  • Cochon
  • Chef Donald Link shows off his love for Cajun cuisine and pork at Cochon, where you can find everything from spicy grlled pork ribs with watermelon pickle to deep fat fried hog head cheese with field beans and ravigote.

  • Commander's Palace
  • Housed in a bright blue Victorian building, Commander's Palace is the quintessential New Orleans dining experience, upholding tradition with gems like 25-cent martinis during weekday lunches.

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