Taco Truck Run For Everyone

Here's what we're not talking about: Crunchy yellow shells filled with sketchy, underseasoned ground beef, boring iceberg lettuce and decidedly un-authentic bright orange cheddar. We're also not talking about fast food soft tacos in gummy flour tortillas with awkward ranch dressing and three sad little shrimp.

What we're craving is a couple of warm, homemade (or at least homemade-tasting) corn tortillas housing a mound of braised meat, be it chicken, pork, or beef. A little homemade pico de gallo, maybe some shredded cabbage and chopped onion, a splash of Cholula or Tapatio, a couple of radish slices and a squeeze of lime. Said fare must be ordered from a truck, be it "Twitter-famous" or just another bunch of dudes slinging tacos. We might order cabeza (yes, that's meat head), lengua (cow got your tongue?), tripa (for the strong-stomached) or buche (if chitlins don't gross you out entirely). And a large horchata, please. In the heat of summer, knowing that we're heading back to our nice air conditioned office rather than sizzling in the truck with the asada is a beautiful thing.

Want to try your hand at it? These tacos al pastor with tequila-spiked grilled pineapple salsa are about as good as tacos get.