A Food Tribute To The Sopranos

Waking up in the morning and getting yourself a gun isn't everyone's idea of a start to a productive day. Still, those words, accompanied by the dark, resolute eyes in the rear-view mirror, spark a sense of excitement in us. It's our chance to be dangerous, to be part of a crew and to peek into the inner-workings of the Mafioso. It's also our chance to load up on pasta and fatty meats without the negative dietary effects, though it can certainly lead to an insatiable appetite for garlic– and olive-oil soaked dinners. There were a handful of scenes, so good, so mouth-watering that we couldn't just fuggedabout 'em.


  1. Sopranos and only Sopranos.
  2. Food – no drinks, no drugs (clearly I'm referring to Christopher creating some kind of mind-altering-medication from mashing up tea bags)
  3. Don't just be a plate of Ziti that Carmela puts on the counter or Silvio freaking out about cheese at a Poker game — Be a significant moment in the show's timeline. Be memorable. Be legit — unlike many of the infamous syndicate's enterprises.