Happy Fish And Chips Friday!

We're in the mood for beer. It's Friday, we're running an amazing piece on our new favorite hops this afternoon, and we need to find a lunch that does this craving justice. That lunch, friends, is fish and chips. The impossibly crispy and delicious equivalent of a good old-fashioned American burger and fries. But with the inexplicable addition of lukewarm, mushy peas. You can leave those off if you like.

It's nothing fancy, cheap catch-of-the-day battered in little more than flour and water, fried in the fat du jour to moist, flaky perfection. But we'll be gosh-darned if there's a better way to celebrate freshly-caught haddock, plaice, cod, pollock, or whiting or a better reason to (again, can't emphasize this enough) pull a pint of suds to wash it down with. Whether you're a tartar sauce man or stick to the basics — a squeeze of lemon or dash of malt vinegar — you can't possibly lose. Not a fish fan? Try this and you'll almost certainly change your mind. If nothing else, it gives you an excuse to open another beer.