Gallery: A Food Tribute To Seinfeld Pt II

After a rousing part one, we continue with our countdown, a candy bar lineup sans Twix, so to speak, with more of life's minutiae through the eyes of four New York City locals — involving noshes and bites, naturally. So spit out your Mackinaw peach pit, finish your muffin tops, put down your picket signs against H & H Bagels (Upper West Side location, RIP), and enjoy.

For those who need a review:


  1. Um, be in the show Seinfeld and have something edible involved?
  2. Food. Not drink. No coffee spilling. No Hennigan's scotch. Something you chew.
  3. How about this — no Uncle Leo. Probably doesn't change the countdown too much but it gives me a chance to give a big "Hello!" to Uncle Leo and to add a piece of criteria.