Gallery: A Food Tribute To Seinfeld

From the "big salad" to "These pretzels are making me thirsty," the most famous television sitcom about "nothing" talked an awful lot about food. That's something, isn't it? Fat free yogurt made our protagonists gain weight. Butter provided a slick lubricant, perfect for replacing their shaving cream. A utopian society was embodied in Jerry's evenly colored black and white cookie. If anything, it was a show about nothing... but food. In my best overly nasal Jerry Seinfeld impression I ask, "What's the deal with all these references to eating? We eat. We talk about eating. But then we're told to not talk with our mouths full."

Cue Theme Song...


1) Um, be in the show Seinfeld and have something edible involved?

2) Food. Not drink. No coffee spilling. No Hennigan's scotch. Something you chew.

3) How about this — no Uncle Leo. Probably doesn't change the countdown too much, but it gives me a chance to give a big "Hello!" to Uncle Leo — and to add a piece of criteria.