Cruising Palm Springs In The Audi A7

Ah, Los Angeles to Palm Springs, a time-honored vacation road trip destination for those of us who live in Southern California. I've been personally doing the desert run since I was a little kid way back in the 1980s and have been able to witness firsthand the renaissance this little desert town has seen. Especially over the last five years, Palm Springs has gone from a weekend getaway of last resorts — you need somewhere to rest and nap on the cheap and LA is getting you down — to a fully-fledged destination vacation spot, even to those who don't live less than 110 miles away.

Quite a few hotels and restaurants have opened or recently gone through major renovations. The Riviera, the Parker, The Ace Hotel, and The Viceroy all lead the way in providing a resort weekend for those who loathe resorts, myself included. So, right before Memorial Day weekend, we thought it was the right time to get a beautiful car, pack the bags, and spend a night away. This is our story, in pictures and words.