Chef's Salad, AKA "Sandwich-Lite"

Lordy has it been one heavy lunch week at Food Republic. First we smothered delicious beef with delicious cheese (or cheese-like substance) and stuffed it in an Italian roll on Philly Cheesesteak Monday, then we exalted the virtues of the fully-loaded baked potato in all its buttery, cheesy, sour creamy glory. The spud having been respectfully addressed, we went right back to beef-in-a-bun, nostalgia-style, and dug into the revered school lunch staple that is the Sloppy Joe. Finally, to switch things up, we dug into dumplings...stuffed with fatty pork and scallions and pan-fried, that is.

We're going to tone it down a little and suggest that today, Friday, just might be salad day. No, not leaves in a bowl. A chef's salad. A low-carb, high-protein melange of fresh greens, ever-tasty lunch meats, cheese, assorted veggies, a couple of sliced hard-boiled eggs and a glug or two of your favorite dressing. Try it with leftover roast chicken, smoked salmon, chopped steak, bacon, tofu, or any other protein you've got hanging out in the fridge and keep it light. It's Friday. Food coma is no excuse for staying home.