Food Republic News

Food Republic has been blitzing the airwaves and hitting the streets. So it's time for a little update. First up, you may have noticed some original shots from the new Food Republic Test Kitchen, located in a secret bunker deep in Brooklyn. Take a gander at our new chicken parm recipe, complete with food porn photography by Mark Shaw.

We've also been cooking at August in NYC's West Village, with Chef Jordan Frosolone at the helm. Look for his debut video recipe on Food Republic in coming weeks.

And editorial director Richard Martin has been making the rounds. First, he appeared on the 75th episode of Snacky Tunes, which has to be the first and only radio show about food and music, along with the man behind the extremely awesome record label RVNG INTL. Records. Download the podcast, which features lots of banter about food, drink, and music, as well as some chewing sounds thanks to the nice folks at Roberta's who ply the Snacky Tunes guests with delicious pizza and salads.

Martin also chimed in on men's summer style for Saks Fifth Avenue's Saks POV blog, instructing guys to please, please, please be careful about how often you wear mandals.