Ayinde's Workout Plan

My exercise routine in my 20s was something like: work for 16 hours, party all night, and run to work the next day. My body seemingly could bounce back from anything. Ten short years later and man! If I may continue to use the bounce back theory...the difference between your 30 year old body vs. your 20 year old body is like the difference between dribbling a soccer ball and a basketball. I mean your doing the same thing with some pretty different results. Both bounce, but the basketball offers better play and rewards.

Today I have developed the habit of falling into that similar go-go-go routine with occasional injections of healthier habits. But lately I have been buried neck deep in a project at my desk and have found myself battling a huge muscle spasm that starts from my lower back and terminates in my little toe. The spasm has managed to manifest itself into a dull pain in my right knee. I had no real idea what it was and being locked in on this project I had no time to think about it. I decided to take a break over Memorial Day and go to Dance Africa in Brooklyn. I figured walking, sunlight, and pretty women would do me good.

At an after-party, I run into an ex. There, I'm sitting in a treehouse with my ex working through the awkward memories and she notices I'm holdin my leg and wincing. "C'mon," she says, and takes my leg and gives a full massage.

The Ex: "Why aren't you doing yoga, everyday?"

Me: "I dunno."

The Ex: "Didn't you always have knee problems?"

Me: "Yes."

The Ex: "Well you need to handle that. Face it, you're crunchy. You're a vegan."

Later that night, I'm in front of the mirror doing 3-10 count poshi-mo's (paschimottanasana... It's the yoga pose where you sit with legs and feet flexed straight out in front of you and you try to touch your chin to your shin... key word being try). It occurs to me the most important thing for me to be "busy" doing is this taking care of my body. We are always "so busy" doing the next big thing, trying to meet a deadline or hustling. That it is easy to forget us.

Putting exercise off till "tomorrow" is no longer an option. In tandem with a good plant-based diet, daily exercise is key. Your nutrition is only as good as your exercise regimen.

Here is my Hustlers Workout Routine:

  • Yoga 3 days per week at minimum. I make yoga dates with pretty girls as my motivation.
  • Get off the subway 2-3 stops early and walk.
  • Long board. I know it has a stigma attached and nothing says I don't want to grow up like a souped-up skateboard. But I borrowed one in LA last summer and loved it. I also got a great leg workout. (Yes, I almost busted my a** once or twice but it came back).