Grilling Advice From Ed Mitchell

Last weekend, New York's annual Big Apple BBQ Block Party drew pitmasters from around the country. For two glorious days they turned out unspeakably delicious barbeque in Madison Square Park to a ravenous and fawning crowd. Among the greats in attendance was Ed Mitchell, whole hog barbeque legend and owner of the The Pit, in Raleigh, NC.

Mitchell gave us his advice on how you can grill your own ribs at home, in case you missed his awe-inspiring, fall-off-the-bone meat this weekend at the Block Party.

  • Marinate the ribs in vinegar, salt, pepper, and any herbs you like
  • Let sit for a couple of hours
  • Make sure the fire is hot — 325 or 350 degrees
  • Sear the meat for 35 or 45 minutes on each side
  • Then, and this is key, wrap the saucepan in saran wrap and then aluminum foil
  • Put back on grill for 20 minutes
  • Unwrap and eat — meat will fall right off the bones
  • Ed's final note of BBQ wisdom? "The hog rules."