Gallery: 20 Projects

Ask anyone and they'll talk your ear off about the "totally unique" ideas they've come up with for a gadget, a business or what have you. Rarely, however, do these ideas (often boasted about after a few drinks) materialize. is the place for those people who are serious about making their dreamed-of business a reality. The crowd-sourcing site offers dreamers a chance to receive funding, while those who donate get to participate in the process. Proposed projects are posted on the website with statistics about how much funding is needed, how much has been pledged to date and how many days are left to donate.

The project does not receive the money you pledge unless it meets its funding goal by the time the post expires. The best part is that you are rewarded for pledging with different gifts based on the amount you donate. Their idea, your money, great perks — it's as simple as that.

In June, Food Republic picked 10 food-related projects we wanted to see funded (slides 1-10 in this gallery). Now that those projects are all expired we've added updates so you can see whether or not they met their goal, and we've added 10 new projects (slides 11-20) that need funding right now. So keep reading and start pledging!