Gallery: 10 More Classic Drinking Scenes

Fact: Alcohol aids in the likelihood of making bad decisions. Lesser-admitted fact: It is amusing to watch other people make bad decisions. Maybe not loved ones (there are exceptions to that rule), but jackasses from afar? Sure. Fictional, cinematic characters? Definitely. This is not to say that great things can't come about from ingesting hooch, "grampa's old cough medicine," social lubricant...Nevertheless, for the indifferent voyeur, the entertainment value of lushes playing Russian roulette in a dingy basement is unmatched by any positive alternative.

With that I present the latest Food Republic Movie countdown — in 2 parts! (Hope you didn't miss part one.) That's right, there was just too much debauchery to narrow it down to 10. Not the best — I'm in no place to judge that —but you'll have to agree, they're classic...


  1. Must be drinking involved — not being drunk, not being hungover — imbibing of spirits.

  2. The drink in question is alcoholic — but shout out to Willy Wonka and his patented Fizzy Lifting Drink.

  3. Neither James Bond nor John Belushi appear in the scene. I LOVE Animal House; James Bond, not so much. Still, I wanted to challenge myself.